About Us

Symbiotic (def'n): denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.


We believe clothing for the homeless is achievable and sustainable. So, for every item that we sell, we will donate a much needed item of clothing in a Symbiotic way to support the homeless. This will include high quality men’s clothing, high quality women’s clothing, high quality children’s clothing as well as winter clothing in colder climates.  

This started when our co-founders were walking down Hastings street in Vancouver, Canada where there are over 3,600 homeless. At Symbiotic Clothing, we are trying to make a dent in helping to clothe the unimaginable 150 million homeless people world wide. Through this effort, together with your help, this can help to alleviate the struggle of some of the 125,000 children who die each day from poor living conditions by offering warm, clean clothing.

Perhaps, with your help, Symbiotic Clothing can eventually offer more than just clothing.  

Socks and underwear are the most in demand clothing items needed at shelters and clothing depots. In colder climates, or colder nights everywhere, warm dry jackets, gloves and head-gear is also critical and can literally save lives.  



 With the heart of lion, we can change the world.